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The slow, sure death of “climate change” lies

(May 23, 2014) Climate change has been happening before and since the rise of civilization. The Earth’s climate is primarily a reflection of solar radiation or the lack of it. Lawrence Solomon is quoted in this article published by Canada Free Press. Continue reading

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Enbridge household customers catch a break on natural gas bills

(May 22, 2014) After considering the views of individuals and groups, such as Energy Probe, the Ontario Energy Board has announced consumers will now have 27 months to pay back the $655.5 million shortfall accrued by Enbridge Gas Distribution. The Board is also slated to reassess its process of reviewing the cost of natural gas utilities pass on to customers. Continue reading

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Legislature’s gas-plants committee a gong show

(April 26, 2014) Digging up important facts becomes secondary to doing, or dodging, political damage. Former Energy Probe executive director, Tom Adams, implored the Queen’s Park committee probing the cancellation of a pair of power plants in Oakville and Mississauga, to cut the bull: “I urge you to pass the baton of sorting out the issues of document destruction to the OPP, the courts and the Information and Privacy Commissioner,” he told them. “My pitch is, do not allow the gas scandal investigation to get waylaid again.” Continue reading

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Perspective: Consensus not the way to prove truth on climate issues

(April 21, 2014) There is a growing realization that the Green Movement and its focus on carbon dioxide emissions may be not fully justified by the facts. Lawrence Solomon is quoted in this opinion piece by a contributor to the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader. Continue reading

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Wikipedia on Global Warming

(March 12, 2014) In this piece published by American Thinker, Paul Austin Murphy investigates Wikipedia’s biased and one-sided handling of entries regarding ‘anthropogenic global warming theory,’ first exposed by Lawrence Solomon in his series on ‘Wikipropaganda’ — also quoted here by Murphy. Continue reading

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Clouds of conspiracy

(February 5, 2014) Economist Raymond J. Keating finds that media bias is real, based on news coverage of global warming as not “a theory at all” but “demonstrable as gravity,” without permitting there might be “some who disagree with such certainty.” Keating cites Lawrence Solomon as a “unique” exception to global warming bias in the media. Continue reading

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Fukushima fear and fallout

(January 27, 2014) An interesting look at comparisons between the Fukushima, Chernobyl and Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster zones, particularly in regard to radiation doses. In this report for the New American, quoting Lawrence Solomon’s piece “Evacuation a worse killer than radiation,” Rebecca Terrell writes that “the true Fukushima disaster was and still is the forced evacuation of some 200,000 people.” Continue reading

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