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Lawrence Solomon is one of Canada's leading environmentalists. His book, The Conserver Solution (Doubleday) popularized the Conserver Society concept in the late 1970s and became the manual for those interested in incorporating environmental factors into economic life. An advisor to President Jimmy Carter's Task Force on the Global Environment (the Global 2000 Report) in the late 1970's, he has since been at the forefront of movements to reform foreign aid, stop nuclear power expansion and adopt toll roads. Mr. Solomon is a founder and managing director of Energy Probe Research Foundation and the executive director of its Energy Probe and Urban Renaissance Institute divisions. He has been a columnist for The Globe and Mail, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the editor and publisher of the award-winning The Next City magazine, and the author or co-author of seven books, most recently The Deniers, a #1 environmental best-seller in both Canada and the U.S. .

Lawrence Solomon: Why big business CEOs lean left on the Paris climate deal — and on most everything else

A little history would help explain why big business spoke almost as one in favour of sweeping regulation by the governments of the world. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: The Paris accord always was a sham

The accord allowed politicians to pay lip service meanwhile raising taxes in the name of the environment. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: How to make Ontario’s awful power system as dull (and affordable) as natural gas

Unlike its power companies, Ontario’s gas is sold by pencil-pushers who keep their nose to the grindstone and avoid controversy. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Now that the global warming era is nearing an end, the Third World can breathe easier

Treating the Third World as a global warming guinea pig damaged it along with the West. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Those scientists urging Trump to embrace carbon include the best climate experts around

The U.K. Guardian decides who can and who cannot study the causes of climate change; dismisses physicists, space scientists and the effects of sun on climate. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Finally it’s safe for the whistleblowers of corrupted climate science to speak out

The greatest scientific fraud of the century will soon be laid bare. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Yes, our environmental group is ‘controversial’; we’re also usually proven right

Throughout the decades, we’ve been considered mavericks because we challenged the conventional wisdom; in virtually every area, we’ve been proven right over time. Energy Probe responds to, “A Look into Canada’s Most Controversial Environmental Organization,” a recent news piece about the organization’s connection to a coffee shop in the Annex. Continue reading

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