Lawrence Solomon: Trudeau will learn a painful lesson — voters really dislike climate crusading

(March 23, 2018) Global warming is so yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing the public cares less about than climate change.

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How selling Hydro One really helped Ontario taxpayers

(March 12, 2018) By selling the utility, Ontario taxpayers, in essence, locked in tomorrow’s future profits today. Continue reading

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The Regulator Fights Back

(March 2, 2017) British Columbia’s energy regulator is striking back against a move by the province to further kick the can of energy costs to future customers. Continue reading

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Polar bear battle in Toronto! It’s good science vs. climate do-gooders

(February 22, 2018) Two events next week juxtapose two conflicting conclusions on the current health and future for polar bears. Behind the science, there’s also a juicy personal clash.

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Lawrence Solomon: Here’s the truth about Energy Probe’s alleged links to Big Oil

(February 16, 2018) Lawrence Solomon: I’m called a lobbyist for the oil industry, a shill, a mouthpiece, and some not-so-nice words, too, all of it made up.

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Site C risks ‘death spiral’ for BC Hydro, says watchdog

(February 2, 2018) Consumer Policy Institute warns of big rate hikes and pressure for taxpayer bailout.

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Lawrence Solomon: Carbon bounties (not taxes) could save us from the next Little Ice Age

(January 5, 2018) With scientists increasingly predicting a long period of global cooling, we may need incentives to put additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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